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Are you brilliant at what you do - but lose out on opportunities? 
Do you want to showcase your brilliance and expertise but never get the chance?
Are you looking to raise your profile but don’t know where to start?

SHE Strategy Is THE Secret Sauce To Make It YOUR Reality

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SHE Strategy v3.0 is the ground-breaking membership programme for ambitious and brilliant women and includes everything you need so you can speak up, stand out, raise your profile and clearly communicate your needs and worth, so you can get ahead at life and work!

What does that mean? 

It means you'll be seen, heard and empowered... and you'll be able to sustain your success.

From as soon as week 1, if you follow my strategies and take action, you will start to get what your skills, expertise and efforts deserve... you'll forge the life and lifestyle you desire and create the financial trimmings and security that you know you're capable of. 

Stop hoping. Stop settling for less. This is your time. Grasp it...

SHE Strategy Has 3 Key Elements To Give You Everything You Need:

  • How to sustain your self - in your personal and professional life
  • How to communicate effectively with impact and influence 
  • How to build your brand of success

Here's How I Ensure You Get Results Within Days...


Everything you need to achieve whatever you desire. Dozens of easy-to-apply and step-by-step practical strategies, fill-in-the-blank templates, workbooks, and more! 


Having all the training modules is one thing... but we bring them to life with the weekly Zoom calls. I will also answer any of your questions! All calls are recorded.


One of the most impactful elements of the program is the interviews Nima conducts with members of the SHE community and other influential women across the globe!

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When will I get access to SHE Strategy?
You'll have access to the entire programme, as well as access to your bonus material immediately. 

How much time should I set aside each week?
Every individual will go at their own pace, but you should expect to set aside 2 hours per week to complete each module.

What if I can't attend the live sessions with Nima?
No worries! All of the sessions are recorded, so you can listen (and re-listen) whenever it's convenient for you.

How do I ask questions or get feedback on my plan during the programme?
Simply send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also get feedback during the live sessions with Nima.

Does the program come with a money-back guarantee?
YES! You can join SHE Strategy without risk. Join today and if during the first 30 days you don't believe SHE Strategy is for you, then email us and we'll refund your investment in full, no questions asked. 

Have a question that isn't answered here? 

 Email us at 

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